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Lotus Studio is a movement education center that offers Orthopedic Pilates and GYROTONIC® training, as well as Hendrickson Method® Orthopedic Massage and manual therapy sessions. We serve a diverse clientele and specialize in private sessions where the needs and goals of our clients are addressed with care, precision, and efficiency. The Pilates reformer and trapeze table, as well as the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are used to speed our clients’ progress towards their personal fitness goals.

Lotus Studio offers comprehensive movement training and orthopedic care to all movers. Whether you are healing from an
injury or training to excel in a specific sport, we can customize a program for you. Lotus Studio offers complete pre- and post-natal care in a warm and nurturing environment. We also specialize in post-physical therapy care of hip and knee replacements, herniated discs and fused vertebrae, spondylosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and rotator cuff injuries and surgery.


Elizabeth DeVera, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been studying, performing, and working commercially in dance for the past 20 years. At the age of 15 she was awarded a New York Dance Alliance scholarship that brought her to Manhattan to study dance. The following year, she received a scholarship to study at the Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. There she worked on projects including the Academy Awards, an Andrea Paige Wilson music video, and the movie Beautiful directed by Sally Field. It was then that she injured herself dancing and sought out Pilates for rehabilitation. This is when her passion for Pilates was planted.

Elizabeth studied to become a Pilates instructor under the internationally acclaimed master teacher trainer Marie-Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning, in 2000. It was then that her passion for learning about the integral connection of the body and mind began to bloom into what would be her life’s work. DeVera moved back to the Bay Area where she studied with Tom Hendrickson D.C.–a visionary in the world of massage and manual therapy.

DeVera has now been a certified Pilates instructor 15 years, as well as a certified Hendrickson Method® and GYROTONIC® practitioner. She recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science at San Jose State University, and loves using her knowledge of exercise physiology, biomechanics, and neuroanatomy to help her clients reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

Yuka Sugiura grew up in the Chicago suburbs, where she trained at a high level of competitive gymnastics for 10 years before converting her energy to ballet. After intensive ballet training during high school, she attended Brown University and performed with the school’s dance company.

As someone who has always gravitated towards activities that challenge the body’s mechanics (gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, running and yoga as an adult), Yuka deeply appreciates the need to keep the body tuned and understands the challenges we encounter when it’s not. She found Orthopedic Pilates and massage as the primary therapies for recovering from a hip injury and was inspired to leave her career in software to become a therapist. Yuka is energized by having found such an effective combination of therapies to help her clients regain and maintain balance so they can continue the activities they love.

Yuka is a certified Hendrickson Method® massage and manual therapy practitioner and has studied Orthopedic Pilates with Elizabeth DeVera. She has also taught yoga for 4 years and coaches gymnastics.