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“In ten sessions you will feel a difference; in twenty sessions you will see a difference, and in thirty sessions you will have an entirely new mind/body awareness” (Joseph Pilates-Founder)

“I’m male, a physician, and a former athlete, now in my late 40’s.  I very much wish I had found a physical practice as good as this twenty years ago, before many injuries and orthopedic/back surgeries.  I highly recommend this studio.  I have been going regularly now for 2 years, and it is the single best thing I have ever done for my body.

Having been through a fair amount of rehab and physical therapy in the past twenty-five years, my experience with Pilates is just like physicians, there is a very large spread of quality and approach among practitioners.  Lotus Studio is not fluffy gym class, nor is it vanilla quality physical therapy.  The instructors there are the most knowledgeable, engaged and efficacious of any physical training I have ever had.  Every workout is tailored and customized to the exact condition of my body that day.  The approach is scientific, methodical and thoughtfully applied.  The work is on very high quality equipment in a beautiful studio.   

Personally, I would recommend this studio to anyone.  Even more strongly, I’ve come to think it is nearly essential if you are training or injured from training.  I’m pretty sure that if I had been doing this as a course of my previous athletics, I would have either not been injured as much, or certainly not as severely.   For those injuries I sustained, this has been the only long term and successful physical therapy.  The practice has allowed me to return to many other activities I used to enjoy without fear of injury or pain.  It has quite literally been life changing for me.” (Jason P., Campbell)

“I have been working out at Lotus Studio for over 15 years. During this time I have increased my strength, improved my posture, and explored movements that I never before thought possible. As an older woman, Liz is helping me stave of the sands of time.” (Jean B. Sunnyvale)

“I have been going to Lotus Studio for about four years.  After I had kids, I developed a SI joint problem in my back.  I tried several physical therapists and spent two years in pain.   Pilates was able to give me pain relief.   Now, most of my days are spent in little or no pain.   My core has become much stronger than it was even in my 20’s.  My posture has improved and, overall, I feel younger.  The practioners at lotus studio are excellent.  They are well trained and listen to their clients.   I don’t worry about getting injured when I go because they watch me carefully when I do each exercise–this is in contrast to the physical therapy places I went to before where they give you a piece of paper and show you the exercise and then put an ice pack on you for an hour.

Yuka has been my weekly instructor for the last four years and I can’t say enough good things about her: kind, smart, thorough and gives you results.  I even sent my husband who has been suffering from back pain for 20 years (he had a lumbar discectomy in his 20’s) and, he has found pain relief and believes this is the best thing he has ever done for his back.   A couple of other things to point out:  This is not  like the Pilates you do at the gym in a group class.  You will do some floor exercise, but you will also learn to use the Pilates reformer.  You will start slowly.  You may feel like you are just doing breathing exercises initially, but you will start to get pain relief.  You have to be patient and expect to need at least ten sessions.   Best results may take a year.   However, feeling better makes it easy to go.   If you have chronic back issues or have injuries or are getting old and want to maintain the strength and flexibility of your youth, this studio is for you.” (Joanna S., Campbell)

“I am a 64 year old retired RN who has been working with Liz for over fifteen years. She had taught me to access and strengthen the muscles that help to correct my posture. She encourages me to take what I learn in her studio and apply the techniques to all aspect of my daily life. I am a better swimmer, hiker, and gardener than I was 10 years ago. I have great respect for Liz’ professional expertise. She knows so much about how the muscles of the body work to support our lives.” (Betsy O., Palo Alto)