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Wendy Ahearn, originally from Bradenton, Florida, moved to New York City at age 15 to pursue a career in dance. After training at the School of American Ballet, she was invited to join the New York City Ballet, where she performed in the corps de ballet for 8 years.
Pilates training was instrumental throughout her ballet career, not only in helping Wendy recover from injuries but also as a means to maintain the strength and flexibility required of professional dancers.
She has been trained as an Orthopedic Pilates practitioner by Elizabeth DeVera and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from San Jose State University.
Through her experience and education, Wendy has learned that she has a passion for helping others to move well, whether for art, sport, or daily life. Wendy also teaches ballet to young competitive dancers and traditional fitness classes for teens.
Yuka Sugiura grew up in the Chicago suburbs, where she trained at a high level of competitive gymnastics for 10 years before converting her energy to ballet. After intensive ballet training during high school, she attended Brown University and performed with the school’s dance company.
As someone who has always gravitated towards activities that challenge the body’s mechanics (gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, running and yoga as an adult), Yuka deeply appreciates the need to keep the body tuned and understands the challenges we encounter when it’s not. She found Orthopedic Pilates and massage as the primary therapies for recovering from a hip injury and was inspired to leave her career in software to become a therapist. Yuka is energized by having found such an effective combination of therapies to help her clients regain and maintain balance so they can continue the activities they love.
Yuka is a certified Hendrickson Method® massage and manual therapy practitioner and has studied Orthopedic Pilates with Elizabeth DeVera. She has also taught yoga for 4 years and coaches gymnastics.
Wendy Tomer has spent most of her life in Silicon Valley where abundant parks, biking and hiking trails have allowed her to actively enjoy the great environment in which she lives. In 2010, she decided to join San Jose Fit and train for and run a marathon and since then has run a total of five marathons and numerous half marathons. She is still active with SJF as a coach and mentor/cheerleader for the runners/walkers in her pace group. She participated five times in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, walking 39 miles in each event and helping to raise funds to support cancer victims in need and for research to find a cure. She has also participated in the Cinderella Classic, a 100k cycling event that raises funds to support local women’s organizations.
Orthopedic Pilates training has been key to keeping Wendy moving over the last several years as long distance running has taken a toll on her back and hips. It is through a deeper understanding of pelvic and spinal alignment and strengthening of the muscles that need to work together for proper movement that she continues to be able to participate in the activities she most enjoys.
The thing that gives Wendy the most fulfillment in life is helping other people. Being trained in Orthopedic Pilates Therapy adds another dimension to her ability to do that. She trained for a year under the auspices of Elizabeth DeVera and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pepperdine University.