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Pilates is a system of exercises that creates awareness of posture, strength, flexibility and stability in the body. When performed correctly under the guidance of a skilled instructor, Pilates completely changes how one moves and feels in his or her body. Novice movers, and skilled athletes alike can gain more control, balance, and strength by learning about proper alignment and utilization of intrinsic muscles (the muscles closest to the bones and joints). Pilates is core-focused and teaches how to move from a strong center out to the extremities. When using the pieces of equipment created by Joseph Pilates himself, such as the Reformer and the Trapeze Table, one can attain incredible physical results, because all of the basic exercises are then performed using the resistance of springs. The equipment used for Pilates can also counterbalance body weight allowing for supported movement that increases strength while enhancing flexibility and range of motion. Learn More

Orthopedic Pilates is a modality that can be used specifically for orthopedic injuries and conditions. A combination of Pilates and manual therapy is used to release hypertonic muscles and strengthen weakened muscles. This allows for even proper weight distribution through the joints and efficient use of the musculoskeletal system.

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